Winter Fashion: 8 Coats to Get Ultimate Coziness All Winter Long

As the leaves are falling and the snow is ready to hit our heads so it’s time to load our wardrobe with warmer coats, gloves, leggings and other things. But putting on winter outfits doesn’t mean that we can’t pose style and blow others minds by the sexy look. We are here to suggest you perfect coats that give you hot and sensual appearance as you walk along the icy streets.

We have figured out which ones are going to hit the fashion shows this year and which ones are going to be outdated. These elegant but trendy uppers will fill in the gaps of winter fashion as you wear them with any outfit.

Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is timeless due to its elegant and warmer look. It is perfect for the evening as you leave the home to hang out with the friends. It is usually waterproof so you can put it on when there’s heavy snowfall outside.

This year, trench coats are coming with a slight modification i.e. in bright surprising colors (instead of black, camel or light brown colors last year) with a bold leather loose belt.

Duffle Coat

Your closet will be incomplete till you buy a duffle coat. Its horny toggles, rope closures and walrus teeth look great at the icy mornings. Its timeless large pockets, hood and a hemline at the knee gives you warmth in freezing weather.

To be trendy, shop for the asymmetrical opening of the toggles that is fit around your waist and hips. This is going to give you go-to-hell confidence with a stylish look.

Long Parka

A heavier version of knee length parkas are definitely going to make for this winter. It’ll give you instant sophisticated look no matter how you throw it with any of your favorite outfit. It is perfect casual coat for weekend parties. To hit the fashion race look out for a skin colored furry hood with olive or army green jacket.

Black Pea Coat

The charm of black color in winters is never ending and an ultra-warm, double breasted and unisex pea coat in black color is essential to blow the minds. This military inspired woolen coat typically wraps you tightly around the hips to make you sensual and hot.  You can also go for dark gray, navy blue or any bold dark color to be unique and trendy.

Sleeveless Cape

A sleeveless woolen cloak that takes a round around the neck is going to be featured in most of the fashion magazines of this season. It’s because most of the fashion insiders don’t include the sleeves of the coats practically. The concept of cape originally comes from the fairy tales, so you can also be a Disney characters by wearing closed front cape with two arm slits.

Airy Puffer

Nobody wants to get sick by just going out in a short dress for the sake of fashion. Especially when there is a great variety of attractive puffers is available in the market. A quilted puffing coat is the best way to survive during the freezing weather. You can couple it with your denim and hit the fashion with collarless and cropped puffer that keeps you gorgeous and trendy.

Camel Coat

Although the stitching and style of the camel coats are almost similar to the classic trench but it’s below the knee length and camel color adds the elegance and attraction in the coat. It is perfect for the working ladies or trendy moms when they wear it with pencil dress.  You can also pair it with your flirty jeans and sneakers while heading to a youngster party.

Faux Fur Coat

When the temperature in your region is extremely low and everything is just freezing, then there’s no any substitution of faux fur jackets. It not only provides you warmth but it also gives you a chic look.

This year, furry uppers are coming up in wild colors like red, dark brown, blue and some fashion magazines are going to introduce patchwork style in the furs.