Tricks and Tips to Save Money On Vehicle Expenses—Stay Savvy


Vehicle expenses aren’t cheap. Even a single scratch on car`s body will cost you thousand bucks. You should drive with perfection to avoid possible damages. Have you ever noticed some older vehicles look new? Those cars are well maintained but maintenance is not the only thing that keeps its shine, daily driving habits also have a big influence.

Here are some daily driving tips by that can help you keep your car in good shape and save money that you would use for maintenance.

Avoid Potholes

To protect your car the first habit one should practice in daily driving is to keep away from pot holes. This may seem like a no barrier, but it is still surprising that people drive through the potholes and few days later they are standing at a workshop and getting the damage repaired. You can save your repair money if you follow the habit of not going through the potholes. There is plenty of space on the road which can be used rather than going through the potholes. It will not only damage the tire and the wheel but the impact can also have adverse effects on suspension and steering components. The whole car will benefit if you follow this habit.

Look Down on The Road

It is important to look down on the road for things that can cause serious damage to your car. Things like speed breakers, huge ramps, dead animals and so on can harm the down part of the car. Going in speed over these things will cause serious damage to some of the body parts like bumpers, tire and excel. If these things are damaged, your car won’t be in a running condition plus the expenses to recover them will take up most part of your pay.

Slow Down for Train Tracks

Slow down when passing a train track as the tracks are uneven and can cause damage. Furthermore, you should be extra careful while heading towards a rail track as sometimes people don’t know the time for the train to come  and this can lead to devastating and life taking accidents. Whenever you are passing a train track, be aware of these things and save yourself plus the money that you will spend on your car and on yourself. Similarly while coming up to a bridge on small country roads, slow your car as there are uneven pavement and it creates impacts for the wheels, tires and overall car that can be damaging over time.

Do Not Follow Trucks Up Close

Trucks! These mega moving structures cause very harmful damage. You may not have the choice to getting stuck behind a truck is unavoidable. Try not to get too close to trucks. Truck driving is very difficult. First of all it has a huge size, second truck drivers drive trucks as if they are the only ones who are on the road. Most truck drivers travel long distance, they are moving from one state to another and cant compromise on their drinking habit. This is the most important reason why you should keep away from trucks, in case if you have an accident you won’t be able to survive.

Take it Easy

Keeping the engine hot is good as it is built that for that, but for an optimum time and temperature. If the temperature and time exceeds, there is a chance that your engine blows up. Your car engine is made to run and move your car swiftly, but is designed to do so at operating temperatures. Take it easy for the first few kilometers while the engine goes up to its normal operating temperature. This will save you some fuel money and many engines are not as fuel efficient when cold.

Get to a Full Stop Before Reversing

Often most drivers don’t wait for the car to stop and change gears. This action is actually damaging your car over time. Shifting before this full stop means the transmission needs to take the brunt of the momentum while shifting and it causes damage.

These were some money and lifesaving habits. One must follow these habits to keep the extra expenses under budget otherwise maintaining a car is not easy. As told you earlier even a little scratch on the body will take thousands from your pocket.