Traveling Tips: Things You Are Unaware About Airlines And They Don’t Want You To Know

Traveling has become a lot easier with time. Now days, you can see how conveniently people travel without any hassle. Just by looking at the crowd of international airports like Heathrow International Airport, London is one of the busiest airports of the world. There is a drastic change in flying records; nearly 50 percent of Americans flew last year; however the ratio was almost half the current percentage years back.

Despite how convenient flying is today, most travelers still have a great deal to learn about the process. Airlines do their job of keeping their secrets. There are so many things that most travelers are unaware about airlines and they don’t want you to know. From top ways to cut costs when booking a ticket to a smooth airport experience to the dirtiest parts of the planes, reveling to you some of the secrets, tips and tricks that airlines don’t want travelers to know.

Use Incognito Mode While Searching For Tickets Online

You are in living in a modern era, where technology has reached new heights. It was very uncommon for people few years back to talk to their families and friends while far away from home. Technology has helped each and every being. Most of the things are online today; you don’t need to go out to buy anything as everything is accessible just one click away. Buying air tickets online has made traveling convenient. Airlines have maintained data base websites, where they offer ticket booking services, but there is a secret that most people don’t know about online booking.

You should be very careful while searching for flights online as while browsing through the website travel search engine get information of your activity through cookies and if you repeatedly search for a flight to a specific destination, it does not go unnoticed. Most companies after seeing your interest increase the fare of the particular flight and the best tip to counter such measures, you should use incognito mode while searching for tickets online.

Bargain Tickets Are Released By Mistake

At times you will see that airline is offering cheap tickets. At certain encounters don’t think that airlines are doing you a favor. These things happen by accident, once the ticket is released, there is no going back. You can consider yourself lucky if such incident happens with you. However, if you really want to catch up these slip ups and make the most of them, here is a secret. There are websites that help you avail these mistakes, all you need to do is sign up for mailing and get the most from it. Make your traveling experience better with and enjoy your visit to your desire destination.

Know About Your Rights

Be it you are traveling for the first time or you are a frequent traveler, most people are unaware of their traveling rights. This is a secret what airlines don’t want passengers to know. There are laws for everything, which includes airlines, like airlines flying or to Europe are subject to EU passenger protection laws. According to the law, airline owes cash to passenger when reaching late to the destination. It depends on the duration, suppose if the flight reaches three hours late, they can owe you around $300 to $700. 90% of the passengers are unaware about these laws that airlines don’t want you to know and they try their best to keep it a secret.

Avoid Drinking Coffee or Tea

Planes have limited capacity, which is enough to keep you comfortable and provide you with the necessary things. Airlines hold potable water in large containers underneath the aircraft. The water is used for the sinks and to make your coffee and tea. It is one of the secrets, which airlines wouldn’t like passengers to know about because it can be impactful on their reputation. Water for coffee and tea should be heated hot enough to kill off most bacteria, but the tanks underneath the aircraft are rarely cleaned. You don’t know the age of the plane and that tank might have been placed there 20 years back; it can be a home to lots of bacteria residing in it for past 20 years. You should wait for the plane to land to grab a cup of coffee or tea.

These are some secrets that most travelers are unaware about and airlines have been keeping a secret since years. Make your and other’s traveling experience better by getting aware of these secrets about airlines.