Travel Diaries: Fun, Exciting And Cheap Things To Do In Miami

Miami, Florida’s most glamorous city is best known the life it offers to the residents. Mentions of Miami and South Beach prompt visions of high life, broad walk full with beautiful people, glitzy nightclubs and pool parties. Well, these aren’t the only things that this popular place offers. The city has rich Cuban culture and museums to natural wonders and art walks, there is a plenty of room to enjoy hassle free.

Many might have heard that Miami is very expensive, and if you are one of those, you should consider it a myth. Miami is open to all sorts of classes and is a place to have fun and enjoy with a lot of exiting things to do that are very cheap. Following are free or budget friendly things for individuals, couples and families to do in Miami.

Beach Visits Are Free Of Cost

While you are at Miami, it is very obvious that the first thing you should head to is the beach.  Miami is lined with miles of beautiful sand and warm waters, which attracts more tourists towards Miami. The authorities have an interactive map of Miami beaches so that tourists can find a place suiting them. If you want to party, drink and love loud music, you must head to south beach or drive up north for a more relaxing scene. As it is one of the important tourist attractions, you may face parking issues. Parking may be a hassle, but it can be cheap if you plan ahead.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

On last Fridays of every month, free jazz live performance is enjoyed by the people at the museum of contemporary art. If your vacation in Miami happens to include last Friday of the month, you must head to the museum of contemporary art.  The crowd gathers outside the plaza at 8 p.m. to jazz up the moment with live performance. General admission to the museum itself is only $5, plus there are no admission fees for veterans, children under 12 and card holders of bank of America. You can enjoy live jazz performance for free if you are in Miami on the last Friday of the month.

Head To The Everglades National Park

Everglades national park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, which protects an unparalleled landscape that provides important habitat for numerous rare and endangered species like American crocodile and Florida panther.  The entrance fee is $25 and covers for everyone sitting in the vehicle and is good for seven days. It is an exciting place to be as there are so many unique species to see. You’ll get some useful information while being at everglades. Moreover, you can even get to everglades for free, but for that you’ll have to plan ahead and target one of the free-free days the national park service hosts throughout the year.

The Miami Children’s Museum

Are you on a family vacation to Miami? Want to make the trip more informative for your kids? In that case you should bring the family to the Miami Children’s Museum for a day of educational, hands-on exhibits. Admission fees are usually $20 per person and $15 for Floridians. However, on the third Friday of every month visitors can enter for free from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. It is a fun, exciting and informative place for kids with a lot of activities to do. Kids can build at the construction zone or explore the two-story castle of dreams. There are many similar activities to do in the museum for kids and its worth paying for.

Yoga Is Free Near The Bay

All those people who do yoga to maintain their fitness would love to practice it for free in Miami. You will find free and donation based yoga by the scenic bay and beaches in Bayfront Park. Yoga is performed under certified instructors representing yoga studios, which are active every day of the week. The yoga is for free, but you can donate for the social cause. Do carry your towel, water and sunscreen along with you as it won’t be provided there.

These are some cheap, exciting and fun things to do while you are in Miami in vacations. The place is full of life, which is why people prefer coming back here every vacation season.