Tips To Make Your Room Look Bigger Than Ever

Home is the safest and most comfortable place on earth. It’s actually the only place where you feel true and yourself. Living with the people you know who really care about you is no less than a blessing.  However, most people do get sick of their home. There are many reasons like unhealthy relationship with parents or they are tired of living in a very confined place and need more space to at least live a better life.

Life is completely different for people living in houses, apartments and condos. However, people have the same issue no matter where they are living. Size or space is what they need. We have some amazing tips regarding increasing space in your room and make it look bigger. If you feel confined or your room looks congested, you must try these tips, you will surely feel better.

Adding A Clutter Basket To Your Room

You might have spots for keeping your things in your room, but there are some things that just clutter around your room.  The basket is used to keep all those stuff and will play an amazing part in keeping your room less messy, which will eventually make your room bigger.  Find a spot for the clutter basket in your room, make sure it is reachable so that you can take out stuff that is required to use. Moreover, you can place a clutter basket in all your rooms to make them look cleaner. If you are a parent, you can store kid’s toys that are messed up around the house. It is an incredible idea and will make your rooms look bigger than ever.

Painting Your Room White Will Make It Look Bigger

Just like paints have effects on the temperature, they can help you make your small room look bigger and cleaner. It is actually a fact that white makes everything look bigger and going color free adds a sense of cleanliness and openness to any room. According to interior designers, painting the walls white actually helps in scattering lights uniformly in all directions and this is the reason why white color covers the wall more efficiently than any other color. However, you should watch out for the variants of the color.  Avoid going for sharp white or the best option is ask the painter what variant to choose.

Mounted Shelves Should Be Used

Want to save space in your room? There is some furniture that has amazing replacements available. One of the furniture is a cumbersome bookshelf. Although it is an important furniture as it helps storing books, but the bitter fact about it is that it covers a lot of space in your room. When world is moving ahead so fast then why do you want to lack behind. Get a mounted shelf for your room and save an ample space. There are a lot of amazing hanging shelves available with modern crafts that are just perfect for your room. This method allows you to shelve all the things you would normally shelve while saving valuable square footage and makes your room look a thousand times better.

Mirror On The Wall – Make Your Room Look Bigger

It is one of the oldest tricks and you must have read it in books. If you feel that it’s a myth, you should try it yourself and feel the difference. There is a theory behind how mirrors help your room appear bigger. Mirrors trick the eye into perceiving that a room is larger twofold – one, it adds depth to what you are looking at; two, by bouncing light into all corners of the room. Furthermore, mirror is also a good investment on aesthetic accessory. Get mirrors mounted on walls rather than buying a dressing table as it will again cover space.

Remove The Extra Furniture

Most rooms are congested because of the useless furniture that covers most of the space. Take note of how much space you are working with and don’t try to fit as much furniture as you would in a cavernous living room. It’s the time you decide what things to keep in your room. Having less furniture in your room will make your room look bigger as the space covered will be less and it will be easy for you in cleaning and will look more organized.

You should be happy with what you have, its up to you that how you utilize that very little to make it look way bigger. These tips are really helpful and whenever you feel that you need more space, do try them.