Missed Your Flight? Here Is What You Should Do After Missing The Flight

There is a tough discussion on whether traveling is fun or hectic. Well, it can be either as you don’t know what really is going to happen next. Getting everything on schedule and things go just the way you planned, from leaving your house to landing the destination is very relaxing, but there are times when traveling can be very hectic.

Things don’t always go in your favor. The most terrible thing that can happen to you while traveling is missing your flight. It is a very terrible feeling and can be very stressful if you are traveling for a personal emergency or on a tight work schedule or if you have been planning for a vacation trip for so long.

In such situations when you are dealing with the unexpected may make you feel anxious, furious and defenseless, there are a few steps you can take to guarantee things keep running as easily as conceivable when air travel doesn’t go as arranged. We have rounded up few steps you should follow if you ever get troubled by such situation.

Reach To The Representative Of The Airline

The reason to miss out flight is very important. Rather than stressing over the situation, you should plan out a way to reach your destination in the next flight. Reach to the airline’s representative to get the next flight to your destination. most airlines follow ‘flat tire’ policy and according to it you can book the next flight available if the plane has an empty seat, but your reason for missing the flight should be genuine. The reason should be valid, and then only they can process further with your booking. Car accidents and traffic jams are the best reason to get a re-book and avoid lame excuses like you woke up late. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to get on the next flight without a penalty.

Moreover, if you act ahead of time and contact the airline while you are stuck in traffic, the process of booking the next flight will be smoother. Sooner you reach them, better it will be for you.

Do Some Home Work Before Booking Your Flight

It is always better to know about things you are planning to do. In case of travelling you should checkout the policies of the airlines. Know what their contract of carriage is, it will outline how the airline handles situations like delays and missed flights. These policies are not hidden, but most people don’t prefer reading them, which is a wrong thing. You should do the home work before paying the company to avoid disturbance. If you ever get into such situations, you would know the best possibilities you can expect from the airline as you have gone through their policies.

Seek Alternate Transportation

If you are traveling within the country and the case is not in your favor, you should consider other modes of transportation. Airlines won’t re-book a flight without a penalty for you if the reason for missing your flight is not genuine. Rather than wasting time and huge amount of money, you should seek for alternates. Flying is not the only option to travel within the country, there are other modes as well including trains, buses and cars. These transportation modes are cheaper than the overall sum of air ticket including the penalty. Get to the nearest station and get the best option available to reach at your destination without paying extra.

Make Adjustments To Your Accommodation

Once missing your flight, your whole schedule gets disturbed. Thanks to the advancements now people prefer booking accommodation at the same time they book their air ticket. While the airline is making arrangements for you, use this time to communicate with the hotels or where ever you planned to stay after reaching your destination. They might have made arrangements for you like airport pickup and not telling them of the situation won’t be considered nice.

Missing A Connecting Flight Can Give You Compensation

If you missed a connecting flight because your first flight was disrupted, you might be eligible for compensation from your airline. Airhelp is a tool that can help you guiding if you are eligible for compensation or not, use it to find out. If you are traveling to Europe or using a European airline, you may be able to claim compensation of up to $700 according to EC261.

These are some tips to follow when you miss your flight. You should be very careful and attentive while dealing these situations and try not to panic.