Keep Home Smarter with Appliances That Make Life Easier and Convenient

Being a responsible wife we always complain for the load of work we have and shortage of time, which enables us to complete it on time. It’s because the little home chores count like nothing but they really act as a headache especially after a long hectic day at workplace. At that time we need to simplify the cooking, dish-washing, laundry etc. and wish to carry them out in smarter ways.

This digital era has resolved most of the issues of everyday chores by introducing smart, intelligent and faster devices based on the latest technology. In this article we have suggested you some awesome gadgets that will give you a great convenience and ease.

Here are the most innovative and latest home appliances that will lessen your work load without compromising your health and fitness.

Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master

A multitasking woman has to do a lot of work while cooking but she couldn’t do when it comes to mixing, blending, stirring type of works. Now you don’t stand by the cooking range as Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master can weigh, whip, stir, grind, chop, cook, beat, and blend your food. You can even knead dough with this master piece so you can do whatever you want.

The Intelligent Oven

As we are talking about cooking, so it’s important to mention The Intelligent Oven which can cook the food on its own. It consists of mini camera, sensors and built-in scale through which it identifies the food and its quantity and cooks it like a restaurant. It is so lightweight and compact that you can place this intelligent appliance on your counter.

Breakfast Maker

While preparing for the office, there’re a lot of things to do in limited time. Thankfully Breakfast Maker is here to save your time and effort so that you can never be late from the office. This handsome machine can make delicious omelets, waffles and tacos in just few minutes so that you may remain happy and healthy.

Vacuum Robot

Cleaning and mopping the floor not only consumes your time but these work also result in the back pain or joints pain. Now you don’t need to carry out these tedious tasks as Robot Vacuum is here. You just have to touch a power button, it automatically detects and sucks the dirt, garbage and wastes by using its specialized sensors.

TP- Link’s Smart Plug

Now you don’t need to roam around your home just to switch on a fan or a coffee maker. You may be thinking that you have to equip your home with smart fans or appliances but you are wrong. You just need to plug in your any appliance into the TP-Link’s smart plug and switch it on. Now you are able to remotely control any device through the smartphone TP-Link’s application.

CLOZE Basket Smart Laundry

It’s always a fuss when you have to collect, wash, and dry the clothes. Now CLOZE Basket Smart Laundry is the intelligent and smart solution due to which you can save the time you spend in washing. It can collect the clothes, wash, and spin and dry them at the in-built racks. It can even stack them in separate piles of each family member’s apparels. Laundry would never be so easy as it has done by this innovative machine.