Homemade Christmas Ornaments That Cost Way Less Than Ready-Mades

Its Christmas season once again! It is time for putting up a Christmas tree and decorating homes with beautiful ornaments. However, this year you can change the legacy of decorating your trees and homes traditionally. One great idea is to add a personal touch to your decor with cheap but amazing homemade ornaments.Involving family members especially children will make the process faster and enjoyable. Below is a list of homemade ornaments one can make this year to add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations.

Paper Stars are Just Adorable

Starting off with the thing that is easily available at homes and at some people have them in bulk. We can easily find papers in our homes that aren’t useful anymore or there might be books that nobody reads or aren’t readable because of the condition. Use them to create ornaments for Christmas. make paper stars from the paper and save a huge amount of money. It is very easy to make, all you need to do is surf one of the social platforms called YouTube to watch the tutorial and start making stars out of paper. To add more definition, you can paint them or add glitter to make it shine.

Light Bulb Ornaments

There might be blown up bulbs at your home, its time to use them as a Christmas ornament this year. Show your creative skills to the world by using some house hold materials to make an ornament. There are so many ideas that you can apply with the bulb. First, cover the glass with a colored sheet. Use glitter, ribbons, hangers and similar materials to make it more attractive. It will be way cheaper than buying a ready-made ornament.

Rustic Twig Ornaments

You might want to add a touch of nature to your decoration, using twigs for decoration will be a great idea. You can take help from YouTube to make something out of the twigs. Go out and collect few twigs from your lawn. Try to make rustic with the twigs which can be used as an ornament for decorating your tree on Christmas eve. It is the cheapest ornament as it only requires thread to tighten up which is not expensive.

Popsicle Stick Sleds

The next amazing ornament you can try making is the Popsicle stick sleds. Using the sticks that can be found easily, you can make a Popsicle. Furthermore, adding details for real looks will make it more delightful to watch. Paint the sticks and spray glitter as most of the ready-made ornaments have glitter. Hang it on your tree or place it on the dinner table to make your decor look healthy.

Birdseed Ornaments

Ornaments made of seeds, sounds difficult but isn’t that complicated to make. Everyone loves to feed birds, so it won’t be difficult to get seeds and use them to make an outstanding ornament for your Christmas tree. You can watch the tutorial to get help while making the ornament available on YouTube. It does not require too many items. The best part about this ornament is that you are feeding birds. Hang them outside your house, it will act as an ornament and a bird feeder at the same time.

Sweater Ornaments

Do you still have your old cardigans with you? Take out the ones which you don’t like or are way too small for you to get in. the next crafting experiment will be done on your old sweaters. This task might be a little risky so avoid taking help from kids are you need to sew while making the ornaments. It is time consuming, however you will enjoy making ornaments out of your old sweater. Try making different ornaments from your old cardigans like a tree or heart. Hang them on your Christmas tree or walls get Christmas vibes.

Broken Cd Ornaments

Cds and dvds are out of fashion. It’s the time when you get everything online, but we do have old cds and dvds at home. This year use those old cds to create an ornament for your Christmas tree. Break your cds into small shards and add glittering glamour to your old Christmas ornaments. you can also check the tutorial on YouTube for any help.

Homemade ornaments cost cheaper than ready-made and are a fun activity to do during the holiday season. This year make your own ornaments out of things already present at your home but aren’t useful anymore.