Guide To Have An Affordable New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve party is the last celebration of the year. It marks the ending of a year and starting of a new era. It is celebrated all over the world with people making new resolutions for the coming year.

As you know that there are back to back events taking place and new year is the last and an important event. However, people are still broke on the New Year’s Eve as they have spent all on other events.

If that’s the case with you, don’t worry because today we will guide you to have an affordable New Year’s Eve party.

Each Guest Brings an Appetizer

If you wish to call in your friends and close relatives over for a New Year’s Eve and don’t have enough money to cook or buy food on your own, ask your guests to bring in appetizers.Let’s suppose you are calling 15 friends of yours for the party and ask all of them to bring in appetizers for 15 people, it will be less burdening and there will be a variety of items to eat like sandwiches, pizza, pasta and cakes. It’s not just the money but cooking food is also not an easy thing. So, your problem is solved if each guest brings an appetizer.

Decorate Your House With Your Creative Skills

who said that you need to buy ornaments to decorate your house. It’s the best time to utilize the old stuff heaping in dust like newspaper, old books and other stuff with your creative skills, try to make something different. You can use paper or newspaper to make beautiful napkins or table centre piece. Furthermore, adding paints and glitter will help you create something magical. Make space in the center for dancing floor and hang the homemade ornaments for cool vibes.

Games are Perfect Cure for Boredom

You don’t want to bore your guests on the new year’s party. Dancing is fun but people loose enthusiasm with time passing. To make the party more happening, you can play games with your friends. Make a list of games that you can play like Dictionary, karaoke, monopoly or poker. Make sure you have props and for games like poker you can use buttons instead of money. Be sure that you tell your friends that you are playing to enjoy and try not to get serious.

Don’t Spend Too Much n Your Outfit

Its not wise to spend too much money on a dress that you’ll only wear for few hours. If you want to spend a little sum, then going for thrift store will be better. Otherwise, you can create a new outfit with clothes that are resting in your wardrobe. Pair up things like jeans with top and a blazer on top will be perfect for New Year’s Party. Try out different pairing and you will surely get something interesting out of it. The best part is that you won’t need to buy matching jewelry and footwear with the outfit. So, you will save a lot of money on your outfit.

Take Lots Of Pictures And Write Down Predictions For The New Year

With so many people in the house, a single television might not be able to entertain everyone. This will bore people and to end this we have the best solution. As it is the end of the year, you should take a lot of pictures with everyone of your friend to create memories and write down predictions on a piece of paper for others. It will be far more fascinating than watching television.

Have A Memorable Countdown

So, what if you couldn’t arrange fireworks to make the years ending memorable, there are other ways through which you can still have a memorable countdown. Ask your friends to contribute some money and together you can bring a cake and cut it down as with the ending countdown. Similarly, selfies are trending these days and on occasions we see social media walls full of selfies, taking a group selfie while raising toast will be wonderful ending of the year. If you still want to see fireworks, then hitting out just before the countdown will help you see your neighbor’s fireworks.

These were some of the guides to have an affordable New Year’s Eve party.Its your idea that can change the whole planning, even if you are short of budget.