Fashion Guide: 8 Building Blocks to Have a Fool-Proof Wardrobe

Every woman irrespective of her age experiences wardrobe crisis for at least once. So, she looks around to update or reset the closet that compliments the latest trends. At this time, she starts by shopping for the basics like jeans, tees, coats, shoes and accessories. But the issue is that what type of the stuff really worth that are long lasting and can be worn in different combinations. Here is the solution of the problem that will flatter your style.

Scroll down to discover the classic and forever fashion pieces that is essential for your chic look.

White Shirt

A classic white shirt can be paired in different blends like you can simply wear it with jeans and if you stretch it out with a skirt at your workplace; you’ll definitely amaze your colleagues. A button down shirt is perfect for your professional elegant appearance and a simple white tee is ideal for the high school chic’s when they wear it with skinny denim.


The love of jeans is timeless as it suits everyone no matter you are petite, tall, curvy or pear shaped. But don’t forget to buy the denim that compliments your figure type. If you are petite or curvy gorgeous then go for slightly high-rising, skin tight piece and if you’ve got smart and balanced physique then flared jeans is effortlessly chic.

Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is the most multipurpose staple of a gorgeous’ wardrobe. An elegant piece with smart lines and flattering belt around the waist is a practical addition. And if you are looking a functional piece, then go for lightweight, waterproof and structured coat. To make it versatile, shop for the one in neutral colors like camel, off-white, black or navy.

Leather Jacket

A standard black jacket made of high quality leather is an essential investment that will last for many years. Ideally it is perfect for snowy evenings when you team it with denim and a T shirt underneath. But you can simply throw it over the summer night parties just with its combination with structured pants.

Court Shoes

When it comes to the shoes, black elegant closed toe shoes are crucial to add the polish to any outfit. No matter you choose high heels or mid heels, but if you pair it with either your professional dress or with casual evening outfit, it’ll simply charm your chic look.


Sneakers are obvious for joyful hangouts with your boyfriend especially when you have planned to have an evening full of thrills and adventures. They are fast, timeless and can be combined beautifully with jeans and casual wears.

Leather Handbag

An elegant and classic handbag is the essential element of a wardrobe. Wherever you are going, you need to carry a bag to accommodate your beauty products and other personnel in it. You can have a big tote bag if you are a chic who is used to fill it with every minute item. Or you can simply look for a professional medium sized leather bag for your office.


When your wardrobe is being upgrading, your wristwatch is a must to be altered. An ultimate, polished and professional piece with a big dial is trendy and matches with every outfit. It’ll not only polish your appearance but make you punctual too.