Family Travelling Tips: Ways to Save Cash While Traveling With Your Kids

Traveling is tiring and when you have kids on board it gets more stressful. You need more investments as the expenses will increase. From flight booking to hotels, you have to pay more for everything. However if you have plans for traveling with your kids in near future, you have stopped at the correct place.

Be smart and save your cash where you can. The tips below will tell you how to save your cash while traveling.

Travel As Much As You Can Before Your Kids Turn 2

You need to do a lot of research if you are planning to travel on international borders with your kids. If your kid is 2 or less, you still have an advantage. Check the flight policies before purchasing any ticket as most international airlines don’t charge for your kids if they are under two and you’re willing to hold them in your lap for the duration of your flight. It is known as lap child. You should travel as much as you can till your kid is 2 or under as there are minimum or no charges for most of the things. make sure to show proof of your child`s age at check in, a copy of birth certificate will be sufficient.

However, if your kid is under or over two and you prefer to not to hold them in your lap, you can contact the airline to ask for any discount offers they have for you. You will get some discounts that will low down the fare for your kid plus a whole seat will be reserved for your kid.

Research Ahead of Time

A little research can go a long way when you`re traveling with kids. From purchasing air tickets to tickets of popular sites, all can be researched on online. There are websites such as, where you will find air tickets and destination tickets at a very reasonable price. Plus you can use discount coupons to purchase tickets and traveling stuff. It is easier to travel for couples but when you have kids, expenses reach new heights. So you should research online before planning.

Skip the Car Rental

Renting a car is actually not helping you. If you think that renting will be less expensive than traveling in public transport, then you are wrong. Most countries in the world have the cheapest and good transportation facilities. If your kids are at the age of 10 and over, using public transport will be better. Usually people prefer using subways as they are faster and cheaper than renting. So next time you plan to travel with your kids, use a subway rather than booking or hiring cars on rent.

See What You Can Borrow From the Hotel

Packing is another area where you can save some cash, especially when you are traveling with your kids. It is not necessary that you carry all the house hold stuff. There are few things that can be avoided while traveling as they do take a lot of space in your bags, increasing the weight of the luggage. Things like towel, tooth pastes, pillows and blankets are not needed while you are traveling. Most hotels provide you with these things. Why burdening your space? The case can be worse as you can be asked to pay for the extra weight at the airport, so rather than facing such unexpected occurrences, you should be well prepared so that they don’t get to you easily. You can ask for other facilities that are provided to you by the hotel such as laundry, so that you don’t need to carry a detergent and an iron with you.

Pack a Great Rewards Card

Rewards card can actually give you tons of cash backs and travel points. Make sure to have one while traveling. If you don’t have one or your current card is not rewarding you much, sign up for a new one. Make sure to check your credit while applying for a new one. There are many things that are offered by travel reward cards, out of which one is that it offers a sizable bonus after spending a given amount in the first few months and we know it will be easy to hit that. The bonus is enough to pay for vacation flights, especially because the toddlers fly free.

Think and research before you plan to leave your house. It’s a modern world and everything can be done online. Save as much as you can by looking for discount coupons through