Cleaning Tricks You Might Have Heard From Your Grand Mom That Actually Work

After a busy week when you wake up on Sunday morning, you realize how messy your home is. It is a problem of every house today. Work life is very busy these days because holiday season has almost begun and people are trying to work extra shift to cover their work and relax during holidays. This is the reason why people couldn’t focus in their homes, but they have to ultimately because soon guests will come over and a messy home won’t be a good display of your ethics.

After realizing the mess you have created, you might be thinking that the only day off from work will be occupied by cleaning. It will be difficult for you to manage, but we have rounded up cleaning tricks you might have heard from your grandmother that can help you with cleaning your space.

Scrape Food From Pans Using Credit Card

Scrap food from pans using Credit Card
Scrap food from pans using Credit Card

There might be loads of dishes and pans in your sink waiting to get cleaned and you might be thinking how to get rid of the food stuck on them. Grandma’s trick to get rid of the stuck food is using an old credit card as a scraper to scrape off foods from the pans and dishes. The trick is very helpful; it cleans the dishes quickly without making scratches n the surface. Use the trick to clean the dishes while consuming less time. Get your old credit card keep it next to you while washing dishes and get rid of the food through it.

Use Tea Towels Instead of Paper Towels

When cleaning your kitchen, using paper towels to dry glasses, dishes or wiping kitchen counter or stove can make it dirtier or does not clean it properly. Instead of using paper towels you should get your hands on tea towels like your grandma used to. Paper towels aren’t very effective when it comes to cleaning. Once used on water, they are in no condition to be used again. However, investing on tea towels like your grandma, you can have cleaner kitchen because they are made of cotton and can be used to clean water. The best part of tea towels is that they can be reused many times after washing, which is not possible with paper towels. Follow grandma’s cleaning tricks to have cleaner house with savvy way.

Borax Is A Real Life Saver

Cleaning tiles, sinks and greasy cabinets is one of the major problems. Using cleaners to clean them is useless or we can say that you are wasting your money and time on the cleaners. Why depending on these cleaners when you can use borax to clean them? There is a reason why you can still find cleaning products used by your grandma. The obvious reason is that these products were effective and that is why you still find them today. Most people don’t believe in what their elders told them. it is easy to call them myths without knowing the truth. If you want cleaner tiles, sinks and cabinets, use borax to kill the dullness.

Clear The Dust With Pillow Case

If you are cleaning the whole house before the holiday season and looking for a cleaning solution to clutter the dust from your ceiling fans, use the grandma’s cleaning trick. Get an old pillow case, slip the case over the fan blade and slide it down to collect the dust inside the case. It will clean the dust from the fans blades while keeping the surrounding clean as well. After collecting the dust, flush the dust in the bin and start over with other fans. It is a great way to have a cleaner fan and you should try the trick this year.

Lemon Is A Natural Whitener

Using bleach to make your white clothes whiter will make the fabric weak. Instead of bleaching your clothes, you should use a natural whitener like your grand mom. Lemons are acidic in nature, which makes them a natural whitener. Use lemon to kill the dirt and making your clothes whiter without destroying the fabric. Moreover, lemon can also whiten your teeth. As it is a natural whitener, it can e used to whiten things other than clothes.

These are some cleaning tricks you must have heard from your grandmother. People thought these things are useless, but judging before investigating is always a poor judgment.

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