Checklist to Cozy Up: Ways to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Winter is coming and with it plunging temperatures and shorter days that make you want to curl up and relax, warm and cozy by the fire. Before the temperature lowers down and you pump up the heat, it’s important to go for a check of your home. There are some measurable tasks one must do that will help you stay warm, safe and energy conscious this winter.

Here are seven simple tasks that one must implement before the winter strikes.

Prepare Your Hearth For Fire

Before getting the chestnuts ready for roasting, get your fireplace ready to catch fire. It is time for you to start checking inside for buildup, bird`s nests or obvious cracks. If you are facing such issues than get them resolved as soon as possible. After the inside inspection, check for broken bricks and crumbling mortar outside. Ensure that your damper opens and closes and seals tightly. Make sure to clean the ashes and chimney by professionals. Practice it every year before winters so that you don’t face any problems heating your living room during winters. If sudden occurrence happens you will be in trouble and contacting professionals at that time can really cause you more than the expectation. The first thing to consider before winter arrives is get your hearth ready with all the measures taken properly.

Seal The Windows

The next thing to be taken care of is sealing the windows to keep the heat and energy bills low. First observe the cracks and caulk them. Caulking is an affordable and easy task to perform. It’s up to you if you want to seal them temporarily or permanently, you can do what you think is correct. Secondly, you can cover the windows with a thin plastic film which can be bought through. Tape it with water proof tape; heat the edges with a hair dryer and simultaneously pressing the protective layer into pace. You can reverse the process by simply peeling it off when the temperature gets warmer.

Clear Out The Gutters

You don’t want your house to leak when the snow melts or it rains? If your clogged gutters are blocked, get them working before your house gets destroyed. As fall sheds its last leaves, grab a ladder, a garbage bag and start with the cleaning. Remove everything, from twigs to leaves to crack on dirt to prevent blockage. Furthermore check the down pipes as well to ensure the entire system is un-clogged and leak free by just running water through the pipes.

Prepare For Winter Storms

You do expect storms in winter which are very devastating. Keep a backup plan for such disasters. Always have a fully stocked emergency kit at hand. Stuff like batteries, flashlight, candles, warm clothes, blankets and food, you should be prepared with all these things incase if a winter storm is heading your way. Blizzards can trap you at your home and you wouldn’t like to die because of starvation or low temperature. Keep an ample amount so that you and your family can survive.

Heating Maintenance

Get your heating system checked by professionals. Make sure that it’s in good working capacity before you wish to use it. Schedule checks for your furnace, venting system and chimney. Replace the batteries on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, in case any of your heating systems are over working.

Pad Your Pipes

Padding your pipes is important; a small frozen pipe can cause big household damage if it bursts. The solution to this problem is using tubular pipe insulation sleeves. Cover the exposed pipes that are in unheated areas like basement, attics or cabinets. The method is quite easy and affordable.  Cover all the exposed parts with a duct tape sealing and your pipes are ready to prevent water damage and conserve energy.

Clean Out Your Garage

Garage is the place where you like to keep all the stuff you can’t keep in your house. But you should consider cleaning the mess. There are a lot of things that you might have kept in your garage for later use. Organize the remains of your summer projects and clean and store stuff that you won’t need in winters like gardening stuff. Bring out the things that you will need during winters like shovels, snow blowers and some more and keep the summer necessities at the back.

These are seven simple tasks one should perform before winter makes its way. Protect yourself and your home from all such occurrences.