Be Winter Ready: Ways To Keep Out The Chill Using Draft Dodgers

Winter is just round the corner and it is the best time to start preparing against the chilly weather. We are sure that you try your best to keep out the chill, but still you can feel the cool breeze disturbing the warm and cozy environment in the house.

People add resistance where they feel that cool winds can lower the temperature, but there are few areas of your house that are unnoticed and are actually the entrance station of chilly wind. This year counter the winter chill through Draft Dodgers. Here are few examples of DIY Draft Dodgers that you can use to keep out the chill of your house.

Fabric Draft Dodger Is More Than You Think

Draft dodgers are a real help when you are planning to stop the winter breeze invading your home. They are very simple and easy to make with household products and are cheaper than buying one from the market. Fabric draft dodger is one of the simplest forms of the hurdle and using your creative skills you have no idea how useful it can be. Get an unused fabric from the attic, add weigh to it and sew it together in a tube shape. There are many options of weight that you can fill the dodger with like beans, rice and newspaper. Make sure that the size fits best depending on where you want to place the draft dodger. Fabric draft dodger is very simple, but is also a good home décor piece for home makers. Stop the wind to whistle through the windows without spending too much amount.

Double Is Better

The best place for cold wind to move in your house is through the doors. During harsh weather, you should always keep your doors shut to prevent wind entering your house. Oh wait! Have you noticed the space between the door and floor? Calling the experts to seal the place will be harsh on your pockets. Instead of calling anyone, use a double sided draft dodger. To make a double sided draft dodger you don’t require a lot of stuff. The best option for making your rooms cold proof is using a rigid foam filing. It will be a perfect blockage plus won’t be a hindrance while door movement. Use the cost effective way to block the winter chill.

Want To Try Something Natural

At times while you are searching for something particular, nature provides you with the best options. When it comes to draft dodger, you can rarely find something that can be used as a draft dodger. Well, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your draft dodger a natural look. If you are full of creative skills, it is the correct moment to show your creativity. For natural looks, create a draft dodger with natural looking fabric and adding branches and leaves will give it a life like look. Your selection and skills can create something unique and amazing and it is worth giving a shot.

Make Something Your Kids Adore

Kids have their own fantasy world where the only beings exist are their favorite animated characters. Most kids in America have their rooms themed; you’ll find Barbie or Cinderella in girl’s room whereas boys have flexible options. When it comes to making a draft dodger for your children’s room, how about making something they adore. Use their favorite character to make a draft dodger. Children will be excited to see their beloved cartoon character keeping them warm. Like other draft dodgers, you don’t need to invest a lot on it and even if it uses some amount, you should make one just for your children.

Repurposed Pipe Insulators

In case if you couldn’t come up to something unique and feel that its too late to do something creative, get the cheapest and easily accessible blocker for the resistance. Repurposed pipe insulators are the cheapest and easily available draft dodger one can get. Moreover, there is no need to make an extra effort, just cut it from one side and place under the door. Thanks to the material used in the production, it will insulate your house efficiently and won’t be rough on the surface.

Most people spend so much money to insulate their house for winters. These are the cheapest and easiest resistant against the cold winds that try to enter your house.