Be A Boss Girl: 8 Tips to Pick a Perfect-Looking Glamorous Blazer

Getting out of that snuggly blanket and getting ready for your workplace, the first thing comes in your mind is to wear something cozy; so a black blazer is what you should have inside your closet. Some day you can wear it with a skinny jeans and a button down shirt underneath and someday you can combine it with a fascinating bright colored skirt. Because blazers are the top most universal outfits for winter fashion.

However, blazer adds charm to your personality but it can ruin the charm if it doesn’t fit you perfectly or failed to highlight your feminine lines and proportions. But don’t worry! We are here to suggest you mind blowing blazers that are appropriate to your style and figure.

If You Are Curvy

Don’t hesitate to wear blazer if you’ve got a curvy figure and you’ve heavier at your torso than your lower limbs. A collarless blazer in single button style fits best as it‘ll shorten your waist. You can also try slim fit but don’t pick a blazer with too many pockets or lapels as it can add the volume.

If You Are Slim

No matter you are leaving for your office or going to attend a party, a classic school girl style blazer with wider or long lapels will suit you best if you are a skinny gorgeous. You can also try three button suits having side pockets to flatter with your style.

If You Are Tall

Tall ladies have the opportunity that whatever they wear, it suits on them. But if heighten girls put on too long coats of short sleeves with skinny denim, they’ll look too much sinewy. To avoid this, just look for a shrunken or cropped blazer with prominent margins and silhouettes. Don’t forget to avoid the blazer that’s not appropriate to your size i.e. its hemline or sleeves shouldn’t be out of proportion.

If You Are Petite

The most common problem with the petite ladies is that they often suffer long sleeves with dropping shoulders. If you are short heighted, be conscious of anything shouldn’t be loose or tight to your figure. When we talk about blazers, a slim fit piece that fits at your waist length will create an illusion of longer legs and slimmer hips. You may be failed to get the appropriate size, then go for a tailor stitched coat and style like a supermodel.

If You Are Pear Shaped

There are some ladies who have got prominent curves at their hips as compared to the upper half of the body. For them, structured blazers with defined shoulders are the best as they balance the lower curve by adding volume to the shoulders and chest.

If You Are Rectangular

The girls who are straight from up and down and don’t have enough curves in upper and lower portion of the body must go for rectangular boxy blazers. Long, collared piece having elongated silhouettes will give you volume so that you can flatter in fascinating style.

If You Are Balanced Figure

For all the modish girls who have got well-balanced cuts at their lower and upper half of the body and have got sexy figure must style in hourglass shaped blazer to focus the naturally hot physique. Adding a belt in the coat will reveal your feminine waist and you can walk along the street in style.

Things To Be Considered

Although we have suggested you the blazers according to your figure, but the most important thing that has to be considered while shopping for a quality piece is the “sleeves and shoulders length”. No matter what your physique type is, the shoulders of the blazer must be residing at the shoulder line and the sleeves must be hitting your wrist.

Another element that matters a lot is the choice of the fabric. If you are shopping for a professional blazer that is appropriate at your workplace, a woolen, velvet or silk blazer is the best choice. Bu if you are looking for casual use, then linen, cotton or polyester fabric will cherish you more.

So, hurry up and choose a coat for this winter using the tips above, trust us a well fitted blazer goes a long way to your success.