8 Upgraded Smart Gadgets That Are Going to Hit Hard the Digital Industry Next Year

As the digital technology has been advancing rapidly each day, and many top-class companies are introducing innovative gadgets, the race among the digital industry has broken all the barriers. This competition has affected the interests of the societies as every young champ is anxiously looking forward to be surprised by the advancements of gadgets and the features that were hard to imagine just few decades before.

Oculus Go

The most exciting product is going to be introduced by Facebook Inc. which is named as Oculus Go. This device has the ability to capture and mainstream the virtual reality. Although FB has previously attempted for the similar aim in the form of Oculus Rift but that was failed to meet the sales and popularity expectations. Therefore, this time the company is working with commitment on the Oculus Go to overcome the limitations of the Rift as it will be;

  • Taking virtual reality mainstream
  • Embedding lightweight VR headset
  • Wireless
  • Free to use (without PC or smart phone)
  • Available at an affordable price of $199.

HER 06 Black

When we talk about the drone or camcorders, GoPro doesn’t need to be recalled due to the Go Pro 2016 flagship action camera. This time, HERO6 Black has featured in-house GP-1 image processing chip that is compact and mountable and having the following features

  • Stabilized 4K image Ultra HD at 60 fps
  • Wet outdoor capturing ability
  • Tiny but powerful in-built action cam
  • Introducing price: $499

iPhone X

Apple Inc. doesn’t need any introduction in the digital industry. Every new iPhone is coming with surprising features and appeared to be the hottest and most expensive device that every young gadget lover dreams to have it. This year, iPhone X is going to break all the previous records of older versions of iPhone as it is all set ready to leap forward for Apple because of the following qualities.

  • 5.8’ OLED super retina display that covers the entire front of the smart phone
  • True depth and high resolution camera with embedded sensors for face ID
  • Analyzes 30,000 indiscernible dots for the creation of précised depth.
  • Initial worth: $999

Pixel 2

It is the smart attempt of the Alphabet Inc. that they have branded their devices with Google due to which a lot of customers paid attention to it. Last year Pixel 1 was launched by the company which impressed the audience with its camera resolution. Now Pixel 2 is going to be released and expected to be a tough challenge in the smartphone market. The major features will include

  • Artificial Intelligence emphasized camera
  • 1080 X 1920 pixels with 12 MP camera
  • OLED panel display
  • Price of the device: $649

Galaxy S9

Samsung Electronics has become the market leader in the smartphone industry. As they release any new edition, it automatically gains all the attention of the smart gadget lovers. It’s because of the landmark qualities and competitive prices of the cell phones. The features of the upcoming version of Galaxy S9 are following

  • Curved OLED Infinite display
  • Bixby virtual assistant switch
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
  • Expected price range: £689 – £779

Fit-bit Ionic

Another smart gadget that is going to blow the minds is Fitbit Ionic by the Fitbit Inc. The smart watch is going to beat the records of Xiaomi and Apple watches because it has focused on the health and fitness monitoring through the bio-sensors embedded watch.

  • Personalized coaching
  • Built-in GPS
  • Monitors heart rate
  • Price of the Item: $299.95

Google Pixel Buds

Apple’s Wireless EarPods had surprising sales in the digital market. This year, Google is launching its Pixel Buds to enter the ear technology and is ready to challenge Apple’s EarPods. This device will let you to listen music, attend calls and reviewing your schedule. The most surprising feature is that when you pair it with Google Pixel Phone, it can do real time translation of conversations in 40 languages. The device is able to

  • Work wirelessly on the basis of Bluetooth connection
  • High quality audio
  • Comfortable in ear
  • A single touch and hold to control audio and to receive calls
  • Introducing at Price of $159

Google Home Max

In the competition of gadget industry, Google is also going to launch Google Home Max this year and ready to beat the battle with the Apple’s Home Pod. It is designed to make your home smarter and under your control. The amazing features include

  • Smart audio with embedded dual woofers, quad core CPU
  • Far-field microphones
  • Chromecast support
  • Charges of the smart gadget: $349


Get your hands on these gadgets and relish whenever you want to!