9 Magic Spells To Keep Your Home Tidy Without Spending All Day Cleaning

Keeping your home neat, clean and tidy is not an easy task to do! No matter how much you clean, it gets messy again and again, especially when you have kids to make disasters. We all wished at least once in a lifetime that a witch come with a magic wand and clear up all the mess in a glance. But now you don’t need a magician to hygiene your home as we have summed up few tricks that will help you while cleaning.

Managing with all the untidiness isn’t any rocket science that you can’t understand. What you actually need to do is to focus on the tips down here by which your home will seem to be cleaned in a flash, a guide by usemypage.com.

Treat the Three T’s

Start cleaning your home with the three T’s i.e. Toilets, Tables and Television. Yes! These three places are the ones that get dirty within minutes. While wiping the washrooms make sure that the floor has been dried well. Tables are the midpoints where you usually dump the things so, you have to care the stuff by keeping the important things safely and throwing the redundant items. What about the Television? No you aren’t actually washing the TV but we are talking about the Television room which is usually the center of living of the whole family so you badly need to clear the mess from there.

Tackle the Kitchen

When you enter the kitchen, have a look around and decide from where to start. If the containers are not kept at their right place, then arrange them. Then dumb the dirty pots in the dish washer and clear the draining board. It will make your kitchen clean and sterile within seconds. Don’t forget to make your cooking range spotless and throw the dirty towels and cleaning pads into the laundry. Finish the kitchen by mopping the floor all around.

Access to Excessive

We all keep some stuff thinking that “I might need this someday”. But the problem is that we usually forget that thing at the time of need or we have to dig all the storages just to discover that. Also there are items like some clothes that are not in use for years. Kitchen appliances you don’t like, some missing pieces of puzzle and many others. Now it’s time to throw them all so that you can make space and your home could be junk free.

Free the Floor

Floor should only be equipped with the furniture instead of toys, cushions, newspapers, books or magazines which create an actual mess throughout the home. A bare, unoccupied, airy, uncluttered and open floor is the key that give your home a tidy look.

Make the Bad Beds

The instant hack that gives your bedroom a neat appearance is a tidy bed. Never leave your bed unmade every morning and don’t forget to fold the quilt, clearing the bed sheet silhouettes and arranging the pillows.

Play With Toy Basket

Allow your children to play with the toys from the basket and give them free space on a center carpet, and teach them to keep the toys back in the basket. This will not only help you in cleaning the mess but your kids will also enjoy this.

Attack the Clutters

We all have multiple clutters in our home. Some are hidden in the cupboard and some are exposed in the living area. Sort out these dumbs on regular basis to avoid hassle and frustration. First of all throw off the things that are no longer important, organize the stack according to the size and weight. Or you can just keep the gears on better places.

Clean the Floors

The best way to make your floors sparkling is mopping in case of shiny surfaces and vacuum for carpeted ones. It will give you a sense of hygiene and overall tidiness throughout the home.

Double Welcome with Two Mats

Place two floor rugs to welcome your guests i.e. one inside and other outside the door so that there’s no any chance for dirt and dust to enter into the house. Double mats will double the pleasure when your visitors will have the idea of clean home as they enter the home.

Making all the listed above tips your habit will eventually help you keeping your place clean and organized always. If you know some other tips to keep home clean, do share them with us in the comment section below!